Madison West High School, Class Picture '60

The large class picture of our 1960 graduating class has 408 individuals present including R. O. Christofferson, Principal.

The PDF below contains High Resolution images (three: left, center, right) of that gathering, along with a numerical index of the group (two: left and right for easier viewing), as well as the names of those individuals by number on a list sheet. We could certainly use your help in identifying more of the classmates. Check out the names (last page of the PDF document) and blank spaces where we don't have the name and then see if you can identify anyone. Even if it's only one name please email Dan Nelson with the name and number. Thank you in advance for your help.

Some of the difficulties with this photo include:

  • hidden faces with just two eyes showing
  • lack of facial detail with a group so large (408)
  • after 50 years, people have no idea who they may have been standing next to
  • perhaps months of time between the single graduation photo that appears in the yearbook (taken earlier in the school year) and this group graduation photo taken at the end of the school year (June of 1960)
  • accurately locating individuals on the index even when they are accurately numbered because parts of various rows are not completely full of individuals. Row two has the left third missing (no students), and row three has the third quarter missing (empty of individuals).

Anyway it's an interesting puzzle to work on and I am amazed how I can pick it up on a certain day after studying it a bit and have two or three more individual names pop into my head.

This will take a while to download, but it's worth the time. Being a PDF you can use the - and + tools located in the top tool bar to zoom in (+) and out (-)as you wish.

Link to PDF version of Class Picture of '60 (4.9 MB)

Blow ups of Individuals yet to be identified. (3.2 MB)

List of numbers yet to be identified. (14 KB)

Madison West High School - Class of 1960
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